March 31, 2020

Your Sales Returns With The Most Versatile POS

The most popular Lightspeed retail POS software plan starts at $99/month. And includes one register with up to 5 employee accounts. Easy onboarding features, basic analytics, and 24/7 support. It can run on iPad or desktop, and Lightspeed’s hardware packages include scanners, receipt printers, iPad stands, and cash drawers. This is often an honest all-around option and an excellent one for managers with a sophisticated inventory to manage. Though it’s going to be overkill for those small businesses.

l like mall kiosks with just a couple of products to trace. 

The opposite features, support team, and price are good, too. Though $99/month is on the high end of the industry average for one register. An eCommerce company itself, Shopify offers a retail POS software with great eCommerce integrations. Any POS users will get their own branded online store and options for online sales channels like social media. Items can then be bought online and picked up within the store.


The raft of features also includes sales, inventory and employee management, analytics, discount codes, and a POS software mobile app. Shopify may be a great option for businesses. That is exploring selling both online and on to their customers in the real world. The support team is another selling point: With 24/7 support via email, live chat and phone, it couldn’t be better. Starting at $29/month, the worth is great. Though growing businesses might want to select the $79/month so as to access advanced reporting functions.

Vend’s third-party integrations allow users to locate and add features beyond those covered just by Vend. Integrations also cover payment processing, which Vend doesn’t do itself, but are often supported via Square, Shopify or PayPal. Other top features offered by the retail POS software include sales and inventory, customer profiles, split payments, gift cards, contactless payments, and eCommerce integration that permits stores to sell seamlessly across physical, digital, and mobile channels.

Flexible POS services

Vend’s third-party add-ons, combined with the flexibility of its interface, which may operate even as easily on Macs and iPads as PCs, make it one among the more flexible POS software. It is a good option for business owners who enjoy tinkering with apps so as to seek out the right set-up. ShopKeep’s POS software covers the core features needed for retail POS and wraps them during a clean-cut interface that works great on mobile.

Employees can use the iPad app to track sales and inventory, while managers can continue with daily reports while out of the office. Their customer service tools also are a highlight, with customer loyalty and gift card integrations available. Technical support options are good, with 24/7 live support across phone, email, and chat.
In an increasingly mobile world, having  POS software that works on the go is important, and Shopkeep is quite serviceable. Their service plans start at $69/month

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